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Closed Circuit TV

It is a safe and effective method to assess the conditions of internal pipelines without manual entrance. We provide this service that can help to monitor on the cleanliness of pipe walls.

The CCTV remote monitoring system allows easi porta crews to commence the mainline sewer inspection from one manhole and inspect the entire mainline while at the same time inspecting all the laterals from the main pipe. LAMP also provides for the location of sewer laterals. While there is another available option to CCTV (gaining access to the lateral from inside the house), the inconveniences experienced far outweigh any potential benefits. Such a plan requires the untimely collection of homeowner contact information, attempting to reach the homeowner through a series of phone calls to establish an appointment at the homeowner’s convenience, and potentially entering private properties unannounced. Deploying LAMP eliminates every one of these inconveniences and the inherent prohibitive timelines associated with them.


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Portable Toilet

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