Portable Toilets


Easi Porta Services Pte Ltd is a company that provides (rental or sale) portable toilets and sinks for outdoor events, construction sites, wedding occasions funerals etc. Being the best to us means serving our clients to the best of our ability through great service and great product. We want to serve the best to our clients therefore we are very detail oriented in operations. 

Our focus

  • Cleanliness: We want you and your guests to be comfortable using our facilities therefore we do not compromise on cleanliness. To assure this, our toilets are accompanied by well-trained attendants.
  • Service: We want your experience with us to be as stress-free as possible. We deliver our toilets on time base on client’s requirements to avoid unexpected circumstances.
  • Hygiene: Each toilet which has a sink is equipped with hand soap, hand tissue, and toilet paper depending on the toilet chosen. A special hygienic feature that excites our clients is our touch less toilet pump and sink. Your feet and not your hands do the flushing and operate the sink!
  • Presentation and Space: To us image is important. Our toilets are designed to complement upscale outdoor events. Not only are our toilets being beautiful in design, but it also has spacious interior accommodating individual of all sizes.

Rental and Sales

  • Rental of portable (Porta Loos/Mobile) toilets for all types of venues
  • Export and retail sales of portable (Porta Loos) toilets
  • Rental of Container Toilets (Customised) for all types of venues
  • Sales of Container Toilet (Customised) for all types of venues

Sales of Toiletries and Accessories

  • Toilet paper (Normal and Jumbo Size)
  • Hand soaps
  • Sanitisers (Toilet usage/Hand usage)
  • Dispensers
  • Air fresheners (Auto/Normal)
  • Sales of Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC)
  • Sourcing for specialised items
  • Sink